You’ve been told that Masonry makes good people better. We show you how!

Revitalize! = a leadership development program for everyone.

Revitalize! is a daily program leadership development offered on-line as micro learning. It’s daily lessons are meant to be completed in 90 days time, building the habit of self-care and self-development.

Revitalize! = Your Guide to Personal Growth

What is leadership? What does leadership mean in your life? Are you a leader, a follower, or does your role depend on the situation?

Leadership development is defined as teaching of leadership qualities, including communication, ability to motivate others, and management, to an individual who may or may not use the learned skills in a leadership position.

Grand Lodges around the world have instituted leadership development programs over the years. If you’re a California Freemason, your Grand Lodge believes that personal growth through leadership development is the number one thing that a Lodge can do to attract and retain members. Yet, when Lodges speak of leadership development, they’re often speaking just of developing the skills of the sitting officers of the constituent lodges. The offerings for the rank and file are organized around management tasks.

What about developing leaders before they enter into leadership roles, both in life and in the lodge?

For decades now, organizations have invested about $14 billion annually on improving the leadership skills of managers and nurturing emerging leaders. Numerous colleges and universities offer degree courses and programs on leadership. Elite businesses can afford the $150,000 a person cost of customized leadership-development offerings from the country’s top business schools [1].

What about the rest of us?
The answer is hiding in plain sight!

Hidden within the degrees of Freemasonry are some amazingly mind-blowing concepts and philosophies. Much has been written, dissecting the esoteric concepts from a wide variety of angles. But, precious little has been written about the more earthly guidance to be found in the ritual work and it’s supporting documents.

Woven within the tapestry of the Degrees of the Lodge of Perfection, in the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite of Freemasonry (SJ USA), is a complete leadership development program … hiding in plain sight.

But, there’s a problem. It’s there. But, you’ll need a little help in uncovering it and sorting it all out. That’s where we come in. That’s what Revitalize! is all about.

What does it mean to revitalize something?

Lodge Revitalization” is a helpful phrase that illustrates what needs to be done within what many call “legacy” Lodges.  A new Lodge is not needed; instead, there is a need for revitalizing – literally to “imbue something with new life and vitality” – Lodges that have long been stagnant or declining. Much of what this brings to mind is updating Lodge structures, changing harmful or unwieldy polity, and modernizing the Lodge experience. If you walked into a county seat Lodge in a small town in the south, you might think you need to update the building, do away with committees that don’t work, and introduce modern programs and other elements. You could do all of these things, however, and be left with the same people and an unrevitalized Lodge.

We often say that the Lodge is the people, not a building. But if the Lodge is the people, then there is only one true way to revitalize a Lodge: revitalize the people. This is much more difficult work of course. It’s easy to paint walls, to change bylaws, or teach people a new ritual. Those things are easy to change in comparison to changing a person’s heart. But heart change in and amongst the people is the only true and lasting way to change a Lodge. 

Break down the word – revitalize – and reveal the meaning and many connotations of the word:

  • Vital: (adj) absolutely necessary or important; essential. “Secrecy is of vital importance. ” Synonyms: essential · indispensable · crucial · key · necessary · needed · required.
    (adj) full of energy; lively.”A beautiful, vital girl.” Synonyms: lively · energetic · active · sprightly · spry · animated · spirited.
  • Revitalize: (v) imbue with new life and vitality. “A package of spending cuts will revitalize the economy.” Synonyms: reinvigorate · re-energize · brace · fortify · strengthen · give new strength to · give a boost to · build up · bolster · prop up · help · renew · regenerate · restore.

That’s what Revitalize! is all about.

We’re here to strengthen and support the Lodge and the greater community by revitalizing it’s membership and citizenship. To do this, we need to …

  • brace
  • fortify
  • strengthen
  • give a boost to
  • build up
  • bolster
  • prop up
  • help
  • renew
  • regenerate
  • restore
  • re-energize


Revitalize! a new leadership development program rooted in the culture and traditions of the Ancient and Accepted Scottish Rite’s Lodge of Perfection.

Will you join with us in revitalizing your lodge, your organizations, your community … and yourself?

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Revitalize! is a daily program of leadership development offered on-line as micro learning. It’s daily lessons meant to be completed in 90 days time, building the habit of self-care and self-development. Learners are mentored through the process, providing a fully supported path to mastery.

To fulfill our mission, to help make good people better, the Revitalize! program distills the leadership lessons of the Degrees of the Craft Lodge and the Lodge of Perfection. Although the program is framed within the lessons of Freemasonry, learners need not be Masons. We welcome all who seek to improve themselves, their families, their organizations, and their communities.


Individual Program:

Perfect for those who wish to develop this vital soft-skill. Individual learners have access to the course instructor who serves as their mentor through the course of instruction. This program is great for self-directed learners.

Group Program:

Perfect for organizations who want to offer this program to a group of learners, incorporating it into their educational program. Individual learners and group leaders have access to the course instructor who serves as their guide in developing and supporting the course of instruction. This program is great for Masonic Lodges, appendant Masonic bodies, vocational rehabilitation programs, and other personal development organizations.

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